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  • 写新年英语作文

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    Although it is &ldquo, lanterns &mdash, &mdash, and so on every new year, but we still like the new year, because there is the delicious dumpling, that nice new dress, there are many new year's money &hellip, … &ldquo

    However, there are more than twenty days before the lunar calendar, but the Gregorian calendar has passed the new year's day, so it's only a few steps away from the winter vacation. Therefore, we are looking forward to the new year. Why?

    Well, the all-round development of the students parents will give them to buy some gadgets, small stationery and so on; poor students learn, the teacher will give them a few words of encouragement, such as “ the next Study hard ” “ next year not made the teacher angry & rdquo; “. You work hard ”; teacher, let us test out, then let us happy, happy to go home. I feel relieved.

    The teacher asked us to review, our review is very positive, because after all, we need to take exams, and we have to get good grades in the new year, so we can go back to different families and find different mothers. So we are going to review the progress very quickly, and we can review several lessons in a day.

    I imagine: on the new year's day, people's firecrackers outside the house, we return home, take the full marks of the roll, eat the fragrant dumplings, after the new year, find the largest pocket … … why?

    I like the new year, because it is the beginning of a year, because it is a brand new sunrise; because it is a new moon, because it is … …


    Childhood is the happiest, and the new year of childhood is the happiest. In the new year, I can find endless joy, have fun couplets, eat the dinner on New Year's Eve happy fireworks excited me, let me watch the Spring Festival Gala uproarious … ….

    It is the traditional custom of the Chinese nation to attach the Spring Festival couplets. I also gradually like this traditional culture under the edification of the old man. Last winter, I and grandma together in my front door with a pair of “ a Xian Rui Danfeng Xianglong, hearts he Suixing spring couplets, Hengpi is ” &ldquo ” the world is full of blessing;.

    In 365 days a year, the happiest meal of the year is not a year's dinner. Friends and friends gathered together, full of happy laughter, full table dishes, often let me eat a stomach pain. Even so, I'm the happiest one, because I can get a lot of red envelopes when I eat a year's dinner.

    Fireworks are my most expected. After the new year's night dinner, I can hold out the flaming flowers of big and small, and I can set it out to the full. I love fireworks “ space ” and “ &rdquo, “ earth flowering; &ldquo, “ fireworks; at ” and so on, they look up the sky, in the air and open out one after another wonderful fireworks, the sky decorated with five colors, the earth shone resplendent with variegated coloration and our child's heart is light.

    The Spring Festival Gala is a must be seen by our family in the thirty year of the year. Our family is lying in bed with relish eating snacks and enjoying the Spring Festival Gala. Don't mention how comfortable it is. Spring Festival show is more wonderful than one, one is more funny than one, and it makes me laugh all the time without disturbing my mouth. Many classic lines inside the often cited in our daily life discourse, for example, the comedy stars Xiao Shenyang “ eyes closed and open, the night passed; do not open eyes closed eyes, life is over ” and “ do you know what is the most painful thing in life? That is people who have no people, money does not spend ” … … …

    The new year of childhood really makes me enjoy it.


    Time flies like water. Another year is approaching the end of the year. Looking out of the window piaofeng yellow leaves, I can not help but recall the scene when the Chinese New year.

    On New Year's day, every family put on the couplets and hung up the lanterns. It was far from being seen. It was very good. When that time, we had finished the final exam, and it was the winter vacation.

    Most people visit relatives and friends. Others take their family to visit the famous mountains for relaxation when they are free. Some parents relax their children's minds in order to get their kids to be admitted to famous universities. Almost every day they take their children &ldquo, &rdquo, and at home.

    The new year is coming. It's always our naughty and clever “ monkey ” children!

    Every time, some relatives and friends do the night dinner, and please go to all of our family. During the meeting, some middle-aged women managed to get a rare meeting, is on the side you say you, I said I had always, and learning related, often mention your son or your daughter's learning how ah this kind of problem; those are rare in the side of the heat at ” “ and others, also lost a no way, the penalty had to drink a cup of wine. It had not for a moment, there are several people drunk straight spit, almost disoriented, was drunk and had to slowly go upstairs and have a sleep; and we children aside like a little mouse, as well as picking delicious to eat, but also some more clever, the some nuts carefully in his pocket, for fear that others with him like a gun. Looking at them, I'm so angry and funny.

    The night was coming in a loud voice. It was getting darker and darker. At last, it was dark to think that there was an careless overturn of ink in the sky. The master moved out of his own carefully chased fireworks. The &ldquo &rdquo so riotous with colour fireworks;; a sound onto the sky in the night, the background is more beautiful, bright! Some fireworks fly in the sky after the explosion, but also to see the bright, I really like a dolphin is blinking stars. The night gradually deepens, and friends and family are leaving one by one, leaving only a messy desktop waiting for their owners to clean up, leaving only greasy plates waiting for their owners to clean, leaving only dirty ground waiting for their owners to clean up.


    Hope for the new year at last. These days, I really tasted the taste of the year.

    On the thirty evening of the year, our family was sitting on a stool and eating a reunion meal. After dinner, I stood on the balcony of the two floor and watched the fireworks downstairs. All of a sudden, “ Bang ” a voice, like a fireball, flew up into the sky and blasted many colorful sparks. It sprayed five or six times. It seemed to be blessing for people.

    The Spring Festival Gala program is beginning, the whole family sits on the sofa, tasting the rich &ldquo brought to us by CCTV, ” The beautiful dance, the sound of the song, the humorous sketches of the sketches all left us a deep impression and made us laugh. How happy it is to be able to spend the year with my family

    “ tick tick … … ” the new year's bell rang, and around that time, the sound of the firecrackers also rang, lighting up the dark night sky outside. The sound of firecrackers, became a laughing sound simply, is a full of sound and colour “ &rdquo symphony; all the sounds of nature, are intertwined, even the stars have forgotten sleep, stop watch!

    I looked out of the window, used the crossed fireworks as a meteor, and made new wishes for the new year. I believe that in the new year, I will have greater progress, and will have a greater gain.

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