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  • 新年的决心英语作文范文

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    On the new years my resolution is very very brife.only three piece of advice .First i get good grade ,at next.now,hardstudy .As for ,good good study,day day up ,my math isnot good,so i can practise everyday ,then i am eating more vegetables and going to exercise more to keep fit next ,i am going to take guitar lessons .Because i really love music .So guitarS,i love too ,these are my new years resolutions i hope itis,reality ,but,realityneed my hard ,i think i can successful.

    In the new year,I want to learn to play an instrument.And I am going to make the soccer team.Iwant to get good grades.I think I am ging to study hard and do homework.


    My New Year’s resolutions are diffcult to finish. First, I am going to study hard because I want to get good grades. Math is not very good, so I will practice it three times a week.

    Then, I am going to exercise more. I will go swimming, run and so on. Next, I will eat more vegetables and fruits to keep fit. I also want to learn a new language because I want to be a translator when I grow up. French is my favorite.


    A new year ,a new start, when I stand on the edge of the a new year, I can‘t help thinking about my plan of next year. Just as the old saying:“Well began is the half of the success.”

    So I decide that I should be at work while the others are still relaxing ,and then ,at the beginning ,I‘m quicker than the others and of course I will get better result than the others. But ,what I really decide to do is that I must make good of anytime I can spare though it seems impossible. While, I will do my best to live up with what I have planned, and the result will prove it.


    I will eat more fruit and green vegetables.Become fatter because somebody says that I'm so thin.I want to lighten my backpack.I can't grow taller with that heavy bag.

    I want to read more books,but I won't become a bookworm.At last,I hope I can keep my resolutions this year.


    I earnestly hope to lead a healthy and prosperous life in the future. Judging from my aptitude inclination and personality streaks, my ideal life will be that of a scientist, researching, lecturing, and writing books. As I am from a farming family, I particularly enjoy being close to earth. If I can afford to live a pastoral life in the countryside, I will feel most blessed. As far as social life is concerned, simplicity is what I intend to pursue, so I really don't need too many friends. All these will be mere talk if I am idle now.

    To attain my goal, I must make a point of training my body and mind. This is a highly competitive society in which everyone is eager to come out on top. That is not only a competition of physical strength and mental power, but a marathon of patience, faith, and perseverance. Life is not all roses, but with what I am being equipped with by the top teachers in this elite school, I surely deserve a promising prospect.

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