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    People need relax in the competitive force society. There are many entertainments for people to relax. I like riding bikes the most among all the entertainments. I like riding bikes in the morning at weekends. I can breathe the fresh air and have the feeling of returning back to the nature. You may not believe the world we are living is different from usual at that time. At the same time, I think it is a good way to keep healthy. Riding bikes is a good to make me feel comfortable and keep me healthily. How couldn’t I like it?在这竞争激烈的社会里人们需要放松。有许多的休闲娱乐活动可供人们去放松。我最喜欢的娱乐活动是骑自行车。我喜欢在周末的早上骑自行车。我可以呼吸到新鲜的空气,有种回归自然的感觉。你可能不会相信这时候看到的世界跟我们平时看到的'是不一样的。同时,我觉得这是保持健康的好方法。骑自行车是一种让我感到舒服也能让我保持健康的好方式。我怎能不喜欢它呢?

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